MAC colloquium illustrates the challenges of a young audience.

"Rethinking Education for a New Generation" explores the challenge of appealing to parents and kids.

Guillermo Krovblit is one of the Co-founders of Peapod Labs. In his former life, Mr. Krovblit served as Operations and Business development manager for Alcatel-Lucent from 1998 until 2007. Guillermo has a Master in Design from the Institute of Design and an MBA from the Illinois Institute of Technology, he holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering.  

Touch enabled devices are disrupting many industries, including early education. To succeed in this changing landscape it is not enough to only pair business acumen with engineering . Peapod Labs is a startup focused on creating learning experiences both in the physical and in the virtual world. Our goal is to apply user-centered design and current technology breakthroughs to rethink existing teaching tools, methods, and techniques and come up with new innovative ones.


February 22nd, 12:00-1:00 pm

Charles M. Harper Center, Chicago Booth C-07