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mResearch: The CommunityRx Story

Stacy Tessler Lindau, MD, MA, focuses on patient care, research, education and advocacy related to the health of aging women and urban populations.

Dr. Lindau is the director of the South Side Health and Vitality Studies (SSHVS) at the University of Chicago Urban Health Initiative. SSHVS works to create and spread knowledge that people and communities can use to sustain excellent health and vitality. The Studies include MAPSCorps, the Comer Children's Hospital Food Pantry and Food Security Project, the South Side Health and Technology Study, and CommunityRx. CommunityRx, supported by a 2012 Healthcare Innovation Award from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, leverages health information technologies to link people and places to improve individual health and grow community vitality.

Karen works on projects and operational issues for the South Side Health & Vitality Studies and CCBAR. Her research interests are in health disparities and health communication. She worked on the Hospitals, Language, and Culture study at The Joint Commission, which examined the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate care in hospitals. She also worked at State of the Art, Inc., helping to develop consumer-oriented multimedia education materials using social marketing techniques and health behavior change models.

mResearch: The CommunityRx Story, 
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