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Sally Black & Corrin Steinhauer

Nursing Administration

This would be an internal University of Chicago Medicine way-finding GPS application. It would be made available on the guest network and allow staff, patients, visitors, etc. to type in any location (i.e. office, clinic) and be directed, step-by-step to the destination using their mobile device, laptop, iPad, etc.

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David Beiser, Priya Raja, Claire O'Grady, & Leah Brodsky

Public Policy Studies

HealthSpotr will improve emergency department patient outcomes by replacing ineffective discharge paperwork with an app that uses gamification and asynchronous communication to enhance a patient’s ability to follow a discharge plan. The app will enhance a patient’s connection to educational, community, and clinical resources during the critical period following discharge.

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Jeanine Jesberg

Center for Health Administration Studies

This app will provide a bridge for access, especially for more vulnerable Illinois residents, to the Illinois health insurance exchange. It will allow consumers to review, compare available insurance plans and premium rates, and qualify and/or enroll in health plans offered by the Illinois Exchange.

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Benjamin Lemelman

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Your roots tell a story about both your past and your future—they carry a rich pattern of genetic history that can help you prevent future disease. Free Gene Tree allows you to easily record health patterns within your family tree and share them with your doctor and loved ones.

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Delbert Sims

Harris School of Public Policy

The Alzheimer’s Assessment app allows the user to track the symptoms of this disease in its early stages; is capable of sharing information with physicians; and, allows caregivers to keep a record of symptoms. AAA uses simple cognitive tests to determine disease progression and keeps a journal of patient’s symptoms.

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Karthik Sundaram

MSTP program

An undergraduate and graduate student interface to enhance and strengthen interactions with student government with the goals to increase the number of students participating in government, increase the level of engagement with government, and allow representatives to make informed decisions on resource allocation.

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Rob Timpone

CSPP (Computer Science Professional Program)

iWiK provides a platform for students who have completed courses to give advice to students who are currently enrolled or about to enroll in the same course. Students can suggest specific areas to focus on, provide study tips, list helpful outside sources, etc.

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